The Scorched Tower

Mini Harpy Report

The Second Tradition is, in fact, a thing.

Greetings everyone! I had planned on saving everything for my official Harpy report, but some scandals are just too egregious for me to hold my tongue that long!

In my first Scandal to report, the lovely Primogen Dr. Cora Tandy and her right of domain granted by Prince Hargrave were grossly violated on the very night she opened her haven to all of us. Upon the arrival of a less than cultured Anarch, Seneschal Novak came to question her. Words were exchanged, hackles rose, and the rude, uninvited guest earned the ire of Seneschal Novak. All debates about the Treaty of Thorns aside, Dr Cora Tandy was and is the authority in her Prince-granted domain. Seneschal Novak demanded that the anarch leave. He even threatened her. Not because she was dressed too poorly to be at such a lovely party. Not because she smelled absolutely dreadful. Not because Dr Cora Tandy wanted her gone! In fact, when the good doctor attempted to ask why, the Seneschal brutishly threatened to remove status and revoke domain if she interfered again – in HER own domain! While she was polite enough to allow Seneschal Novak to remain in her home, I cannot ignore this blatant violation of The Second Tradition. For those that need a refresher, The Second Tradition states: “Thy domain is thine own concern.” Did Seneschal Novak allow Dr Tandy to have her domain be her concern? No; “All others owe thee respect while in it.” Did Seneschal Novak show her respect? Well, I don’t think anyone considers threats of status removal in a raised voice to be even the slightest bit respectful. “None may challenge thy word while in thy domain.” We all saw Seneschal Novak challenge Dr. Tandy’s words in her domain, just as we saw her graciously allow him to stay so as to not sour the night for anyone else. All of this was done under the nose of Prince Hargrave while was on the same property. For this heinous and blatant disregard of The Second Tradition and most scandalous behaviour in the ever so lovely Primogen Dr. Cora Tandy’s home, I cannot in good conscience allow Seneschal Novak to retain the status of Faultless. He is stripped of said status and it is no one’s fault but his own.

In my second Scandal to report, I’ve got a two-part announcement! Sunshine Love publicly questioned Seneschal Novak’s commands. She did so while Prince Hargrave was in attendance. She publicly did so again after our gathering – claiming, “I will not blindly follow. Ever. A good leader would not ask it.” The Bold Gangrel Primogen growled back demanding Sunshine, “Tell me what BOON shall be offered to forgive this?” which I assumed (and as the saying goes…well, let’s just say I won’t be assuming anymore) was rhetorical, since everyone knows someone with no standing in our society other than acknowledged can’t offer anything more than a trivial boon. Upon Sunshine’s refusal to offer any boons (don’t worry, dear domain – the word means the same thing even if you don’t capitalize every letter!) to the Seneschal, he announced that as her Primogen, he was removing her acknowledged status. (Now, let’s not ignore how tacky it is to simply ask me, or any Harpy, to record your own actions regarding the removal of status. We are not secretaries. I was elected Harpy because the Primogen believe in my capabilities to handle more than taking notes. Two, nearly three, attempted status removals by the same kindred, all after I was elected to the station of Harpy is just downright gluttonous. Please don’t step on my toes, dear domain of Tucson. My shoes are far too expensive.) As Sunshine Love broke no traditions and it is not Seneschal Novak’s place to continue scraping away at the number of the very soldiers Prince Hargrave spoke of needing just two nights ago, I will not uphold Seneschal Novak’s desire to add another to the list of those that will not or can not defend our dear domain. By his violation of Prince Hargrave’s clear desire for unity and soldiers, attempting to remove acknowledged (a priveledge Primogen do not have!) and thereby The Second Tradition, Seneschal Novak has shown, in front of us all, that he is not making the best decisions. With this being said, I cannot, in good conscience, allow Seneschal Novak to be known as Judicious within our Ivory Tower. I hereby Judiciously strip Seneschal Novak of the status Judicious.

Prince Luther Hargrave is the Prince of this domain. Let no one forget that.

- Maximilian Vanderbilt, Harpy and Whip of The Rose. Acknowledged by Prince (name) of (place) Exalted as Harpy and Judicious in the eyes of Prince Luther Hargrave of the Tucson Domain, Esteemed as Harpy by Seneschal Novak of the Tucson Domain, Revered as Harpy by Primogen Dr. Cora Tandy, Revered as Harpy by Primogen Solzhenitsyn, Revered as Harpy by Primogen Michaels, Revered as Harpy by Primogen of the Nosferatu

OOC: burn etiquette for correct names and spellings***



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