The Scorched Tower



5.1.14αβclearance3ΨΩ:17:08 Alphα:Alphα-Zulu:Tucson
32°13’18’N 110°55’35’W
_Sierra_@17:28.115E-se | _Tango_@08:00.245W-sw

Mary:Sam:Nab 1.12.14
Project:Harem, Green Victor

“Roger Dodger, Miami Hotline reads that: ‘Snake Eggs’…
How many?”

“Two Sugar Targets. Then we have intel on two more, Hatched.

NovemberMary:SamFox 1.11.14
Project:Boogeyman, Mica Mike

“Not The Ripper, Not The Ripper… Roger that.”

Meanwhile, Charlie eighty-sixed one of their own…
Some Lord Maestro."

[ …audio missing… ]

”Request: Golf Item. Greenlight; Echo-Mustard-Mayo.
Pattern: Alpha, Amir. Beta, Benson. Delta, Golf.
Ghost Train, Team is Go."

[Summary of events:]

Going into their newly declared domocile, heralding a message of peace is the course of action least likely to stir any sort of hunt. But, being a Judge, my presence could only be met by curiosity, various states of alert and some formal posturing. My first engagement was at the skirt of their Easy. Speaking plainly during their Stain of Guilt Trial done rather plainly in public, without first being accepted inside. Questions digging info on Sam, his Club, their Rights, and things of that sort which earnestly betrayed more than they really should have, in both agenda and ignorance. Despite their clumsy handling of security, it is effective against the degenerative critters they seek to filter out, The Classic Paranoid Gate. Why give up the wares though? They wanted everything on the floor, but el silencioso here was a matter of adhering to all of the contract’s conditions. Despite all of Charlie’s Antics , I managed to keep from making a tell while I comm’d Ghost Train to get their stick in gear.
For the most part, the city acts like any other except that there are some furballs just sitting plum-center in the middle of the Cómoda. Praise Haqim, they weren’t Wendies or Worse; delirious to the point of being actually dangerous. Okay, they were actually rather civil, though I can only be left to speculate why they would sit so docile in the room full of corpses. This makes a tiny bit of sense, given that the Outlanders have made themselves at home here. The thing that remains perplexing, was that none of the Wild Things were responsible for the Ringing the Bingo Bell
The Tango Targets are quiet here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For the most part they were a little spooked but not entirely surprised when they found out, but it wasn’t the time to check the upper threshold of their security. I kept my attention and focus on business. Only one person was so brave to discuss the taking of vitae, and it was another entirely that checked about the Adam Vectors. I, Revealing No Secrets of the Blood. Of course, both obligated morally and via contract, had thus advised them against harming themselves in attempting the activity, even under circumstances they imagine convenient. That convo ended when we got word of some Fresh Salsa. I considered the potential for a FUBAR, but reasoned if it were then either way I’d be coming back with some snake heads.
One thing I forgot to do was warm the blankets. Some of these Kilo Victors aren’t so naturally cool though, and others wanted to run Game of the Hunt. If Captain Praxis ever got ahold of el listo rojo, maybe some request calls would be in order. I’ll have to double-check for the upcoming trips. One thing to consider is the mandatory volume of insanity required for taking a charge role in a city like Tucson. Despite the messes of their predecessors, some of whom are the mess, there is no shortage of ancillae stepping up for this, because they reap so cleverly on the elder movements. Finally, there seem to be more than a few reasons that George Able picked these two files to give us… "


“Region: Alphα, Alphα-Zulu…
Alert: Red. Code: Papa, Aero-Pauly.
Access: Delta, Foxtrot, Alpha.”

machine clicking

“Hello, thanks for Calling, you’re on Miami Hotline, with Roger Dodger.”

“Golf Item, here. Operator, I would like to request The Frank...
more clicking
Request: Golf Item. Please Standby, Frank; King, Kilo, Bingo.
Pattern: Alpha, Amir. Beta, Golf. Delta, Frank. Ghost Train, Team Ready.

“Roger that.”
mn αu minuit: 1



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