The Scorched Tower



1.12.14αβclearance3ΨΩ:17:08 Alpha:Alpha-Zulu:Tucson
32°13’18"N 110°55’35"W
Sierra@17:30.115E-se Tango@08:08.245W-sw

NovemberMary:SamFox 1.11.14
Operation:Bulwark, Mica Mike

Conditions & Observations:
Previous reports from the region uncovered a movement to purge [Sam] presence which is a composition of several packs. Each posse runs different values; from one-buck-chuck to that fancy boxed wine. Connoisseur vintages, some with French labels.
Insurgent tactics yielded varying results, resulting in the destruction of a prolific Sam’s Club member and the hasty retreat of the surviving residents.
21:10 VideoMissing
Aerial surveillance caught unusual traffic converging towards two locations.
21:12 AudioMissing
First Locale: BrokenHome Code:MedusaAlert:Red!
Scrambled devices were confirmed as using Kindred-like terms.
21:16 VideoMissing
Our live agent was able to ascertain their natures as [Kilo-Victor]
FLIR recorded non-mobiles inside BrokenHome
21:22 AudioMissing
Audio reveals reaction to petrified live subjects still being sentient.
Mercy termination by the visiting team.
21:39 VideoMissing
Second Locale: SugarUnion Code:SpartacusAlert:Red!
21:51 AudioMissingVideoMissing
Aerial surveillance reveals massive crafting duplication.
Audio records contain interaction on managing symbiotic conditioning.
Several dozen live subjects were extinguished, this was questionable on the visiting team. They lack the comprehensive ability to undo these damages.
00:42 VideoMissing
Medusa made an appearance at the Library Hall, confronted but not engaged physically by Weaver
While Medusa was distracted, an air conditioning unit was delivered unto them from the rooftop by Novak.
Medusa went plasmic, burning. Tubing in sewers facilitated their retreat, again.

Conclusion: Platform control of the city is pursuant to the aims and actions of [Charlie]
mn au minuit: 2



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