The Camarilla Hierarchy

Positions of Power

The Inner Circle – The council of Elders in control of the Camarilla. The exact number and identity of those on the council are unknown.

Justicar – Title given to those who carry out the will of the Inner Circle. Each clan has just one Justicar and each Justicar serves for a period of 13 years before facing election by the Inner Circle to decide continuance or replacement. Each Justicar bears considerable power in pursuit of her duties, including the right of Destruction.

Archon – Title given to the servitors of the Justicars. Most are blood bound to their Justicar, speak in her name, and act with her authority.

Servire – Just as the Archons serve the Justicars, so do the Servires serve an Archon.

Prince – Supreme authority within a city with regard to local Camarilla matters.

Seneschal – The Prince’s second-in-command, the Seneschal often deals with the routine tasks of running a city and wields the power of the Prince if the Prince is not present.

Primogen – Member of the council of elders that advise and assist the Prince in the management of the city. The power held by the Primogen council varies from city to city and Prince to Prince. The Primogen select the Harpy.

Sheriff – The Prince’s officer charged with enforcing the Traditions and the Prince’s proclamations.

Scourge – Prince’s officer charged with patrolling the city for outlaws; primarily those ignoring the Traditions of Progeny and Hospitality. Frequently, the scourge is granted the right of Destruction in the pursuit of her duties.

The Keeper of Elysium – Kindred given charge of maintaining all designated Elysiums, including security and enforcement of the Traditions.

Harpy – Title given those at the center of the social pecking order. They are purveyors of rumor and innuendo and the ultimate judges of social status among the Kindred of a city.

Whip – The whip is the direct servant to their clan’s Primogen. The whip acts as the Primogen’s messenger and liaison to members of their clan, with the dual purpose of gathering support for the Primogen’s agenda as well as gauging the prevailing mood and needs of their clan mates within the city. They attend meetings of the Primogen Council if the Primogen is not present.

The Camarilla Hierarchy

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