2014, Tucson

The Camarilla of Tucson must remain ever vigilant.

Their fellow kindred are constantly maneuvering for political position and personal gain. The kine they rule from the shadows pass laws and use technology that threatens the Masquerade. The Sabbat seems to have a never ending supply of converts, infiltrators, and zealots willing to turn or diablerize every member of the city. Outside forces seek to ruin everything that has been built.

The City of Tucson is a battlefront. A city where Final Death could be just around the corner for anyone… but it is only through risk can one make any sort of measurable gains.
If you don’t have any LARP experience or no knowledge of the Old World of Darkness setting; don’t sweat it. We have helped several players unfamiliar with the material and role-playing in general to become the two faced, backstabbing vampires they wanted to be. If you do have experience; fantastic. Either way, if you are interested please contact us.